Who We Are

Our Name

In the Book of Luke, Jesus tells a parable about a man who’s beaten and robbed and left for dead along the road. A religious leader and a priest, traveling along that same road, on their way to worship in Jerusalem, pass by the man choosing not to get involved. Eventually, a Good Samaritan comes along. He stops, picks the man up, bandages his wounds, and brings him to a place where he can get well, offering to pay the medical bills.

That story took place on Jericho Road, a narrow pathway running 18 miles through the wilderness between the city of Jericho and Jerusalem.

We call ourselves Jericho Road Church because we don’t want to leave people on the side of the road, passing them by on our way to sit in seats and worship. We want to pick them up as we travel the pathway, bandage their wounds, provide for their healing and enter into relationship. We believe worshiping God ultimately sends us back to the road; there we can join God in His mission to bring His Kingdom to bear on this earth.

Our Mission

Our mission statement begins with the phrase, walking in the Way of Jesus. We don’t want to be a people who sit in the Way of Jesus or simply know or believe Jesus’ Way; we believe that we know what we know so that we can do like He’d do. 

That’s why church for us isn't a place that we go, but something we are. We don’t want to just GO to church; we want to BE the church. Each one of us who carries Jesus around inside is the church.

This means each of us, everyday, is a missionary to those God brings across our paths. Each day each one of us travels different paths. We think that’s great.  We cover a lot of ground that way!

Our Vision for Serving

The motivation for our service flows from our desire to BE the church of Jesus in tangible ways. Many people in our world, if they even believe there is a God, don’t believe He cares about them or about the circumstances of their lives. The enemy of God uses pain, difficulty, and suffering to convince people that God doesn’t care.

We know He does.

And we believe Jesus left His Church to take His caring upon ourselves. Jesus is no longer on earth in a physical body, but has planted Himself in us. Now we’re His hands and feet. Serving people in their need tangibly demonstrates that God loves them and cares about their situation.

This belief and calling has led us to a different expression of worship every Second Sunday. On those Sundays, instead of sitting in chairs, we “offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the world. This becomes our spiritual act of worship.” (Romans 12:2)

So, if you come looking to worship with us on the second Sunday of the month, come in your work clothes, ready to get your hands and feet dirty for Jesus.