Who We Are

Our Name

In the Bible's Book of Luke, Jesus tells a parable about a man who’s beaten, robbed and left for dead along the Jericho Road, a narrow pathway running 18 miles through the wilderness between the city of Jericho and Jerusalem. 

Soon after, on their way to worship in Jerusalem, a religious leader and a priest travel that same way and pass by the man.

But they choose not to get involved. 

Eventually, a Good Samaritan comes along who stops, picks the man up, bandages his wounds, and brings him somewhere he can get well, and even pays the medical bills.

We are Jericho Road because we are committed to not passing by our neighbors. We believe worshiping God ultimately sends His disciples back on the road to get involved, love and serve.


Our Mission

For us, church isn't a place that we go, it's something we are.

We are disciples who gather together so that we may better equip, encourage and engage every person who wants to share the "work of ministry."

We are disciples of Jesus who continually seek to learn more about Him  and what He would like to teach us.

We are disciples of Jesus who desire to discern what He is asking us to do, listen and then do it.

We are disciples of Jesus who seek to experience and express His love to a broken world.


Our Vision for Serving

In today's post-Christian culture, most people don't believe there is a God, let along believe that He cares about them or their life circumstances. The enemy uses pain, difficulty, and brokenness to try to seal the deal.

But we know that the purpose of God's Church is to demonstrate otherwise, to become the tangible expression of the good news of the gospel and to bring its message with our hands and feet. 

Christ has called us to be His partners in changing our world and bringing His kingdom to bear!

That's why every second weekend we “offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the world. This becomes our spiritual act of worship.” (Romans 12:2)

What if we each said to God, "Use me--I want to change the world!?"

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