What We Do

Sunday Worship Gatherings

We believe all of life can be an act of worship to God (Colossians 3:17)—our work, our play, our relationships, our service to others and much more.

But our culture often refers to worship as what we do when we gather together on Sunday mornings with other followers of Jesus. For Jericho Road Church, these "Sunday Gatherings" happen at 10:30 a.m. at Lowell Elementary School in Wheaton, IL, every Sunday of the month except the second Sunday. See below.

Love & Serve Weekends

On the second weekend of every month, we get out of our seats and head out into the world to participate in God’s mission. With this rhythm we practice loving and serving and presenting our bodies as a spiritual act of worship to the world.

Our desire is to demonstrate God's love to those the Lord has directed us to serve. We hope that as we follow Jesus' example we can be part of the transformation, renewal, and restoration of the world around us. We want those we meet along the way to become open to a proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Guided by the Lord, we are a church on the move. We recommend you subscribe to our weekly newsletter to know where God is sending us and what He has for us to do. 

Eating together

Every week we partake of a very special meal—the one Jesus first ate with His disciples the night before He was betrayed, the night before all of history would be changed by his death and ultimate resurrection. By partaking of the Lord's Supper together whenever we gather as a community, we proclaim the Lord's work—in us individually, as a church, and in the world—until He comes.

On the fourth Sunday of every month, after our Sunday morning worship gathering, we do it up and eat—we feast on—a good, old-fashioned, "bring-a-dish-to-share" potluck.

Missional Communities

The early church met in homes to break bread, pray, remain in community with one another and to hold one another accountable to being on the Mission of God.

JRC's Missional Communities meet regularly so that every one of us will be equipped to go and love and proclaim the name of Jesus in word and deed.

Contact us or subscribe to our newsletter for information about where and when our Missional Communities meet.


We're learning to pray without ceasing—and we pray in all kinds of ways whenever we meet together. But one evening of the week, we intentionally gather in a home to focus on praising God, bringing our cares and concerns to Him and listening to what He wants to say to us. 

Please subscribe to our newsletter for details about Jericho weekly prayer.


Children’s Ministry

During the school year, our Children's Ministry provides nursery care for infants and toddlers and classes for preschoolers and grade school students through fifth grade. During the summer months, we welcome the children into the Sunday Gatherings. 

Youth Ministry

We partner with Life Church and are thrilled to be part of their Ko-Huge youth ministry.